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cell culture checkingInside the Petaka itself, one is able to perform several protocol steps without removing them from the device. This means that by not having to transfer cells to several other instruments or devices, one is able to cut out several steps. Examples of such applications are cell washing, cell & supernatant separation, enzyme-free detachment & harvesting, DNA & RNA extraction, cell pelleting, cell storage and pre-preparation of ready to host Petakas.







ComparativeAnalysis-PetakaETvsAUTOFLASK .pdf
ComparativeAnalysis-PetakaETvsOPTICELL .pdf
ComparativeAnalysis-PetakaETvsROBOFLASK .pdf
ComparativeAnalysis-PetakaETvsT75FLASK .pdf
ComparativeAnalysis-PetakaG3vsT75FLASK .pdf
Petaka Advantages .pdf

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