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cell culture device petakaPetaka's auto-sealing port, a pre-slit, 1 mm thick, silicon diaphragm, allows easy penetration with plastic and metal tips up to 1 mm external diameter.

Petaka's 0.2 mm Filtered Vent: The internal chamber communicates with the external atmosphere through an in/out vent closed with a 0.2 µm pore filter.
By avoiding caps and lids, the duo vent-port simplifies the repetitive operations of cell culture and handling, and minimizes routine operations

When the user initiates the injection procedure, the fluids flow through the tip into an atrium communicating with the culture chamber through a protective mini-tube. Therefore, during injection, the interior of the cell culture chamber is never exposed to the external atmosphere, through any aperture. In addition the mini-tube breaks any back pressure, avoiding leaks through the port slit.

The diaphragm surface is accessible for swabbing with ethanol, and can be exposed to a gas flame in order to guarantee surface sterility.

The port assembly allows safe and quick in/out maneuvers with reliable seal, greatly minimizing contamination risk.


Advantages of Petaka versus other common devices


Petaka Cell Culture Advantages .pdf

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