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Petaka centrifugePetaka adapted rotors

PTK-Spin is the custom made rotor for the Digicen 21 centrifuge. It perfectly accommodates 8 petakaG3 into a made-to measure sleeve. Direct centrifugation of Petaka allows separate collection of cells & media, without the need of transferring the culture material to other tubes and devices. All handling the culture products can be performed inside the close environment of Petaka,   in the same Petaka. The orientation of the Petaka into the sleeve is dictated by the operation that is required to be performed. Change of media maintaining the cells inside the Petaka would require the Petaka to be placed with the air filter as the upper most corner. For removing cells from the Petaka & leave the media inside, the Petaka would need to place inside the sleeve with the port as the upper most corner. Differential cel segregation by density gradients is easy thanks to the internal collection siphon. Petaka content can be centrifuged up to 600 g.

Additional rotors available make that centrifuge versatile for any laboratory, for example: (1) Swing out rotors for max 4 x 100 ml for tubes , mfor icroplates as well as microtubes. (2) Angle fixed low speed up to 24 tubes of 15ml. Or (3) Angle fixed high speed for up to 50 ml conical microtubes.
The maintenance free motor makes it perfectly adapted for the intensive work the laboratory demands, enabling long slow programs or high speed centrifugation up to 20.000 RPM. It´s controlled through LCD screen showing centrifugation values as time, RPM/RCF, as well as braking time, graphic for open lid, progress bar, messages and acoustic signals for error or end of program , which provides the user the process monitoring. It is Programmable with 16 simultaneous programs with automatic identification of the rotor.

Community Legislation: 73/23/CEE and 89/336/CEE
Standards: 61010-2, 61010-2-020, 61000-3,61004-4 and 55011

PTK-Spin Features & Specifications .pdf
Blood Stem Cells Processing and Harvesting .pdf

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