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  • Petaka DO-Sense with O2 sensorThe cell culture device Petaka DO-Sense, with O2 sensor, Integrates all advantages of the Petaka LOT and Petaka-ET with the precision of the advance Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring technology of Ocean Optics, Inc.
  • PetakaG3 DO-Sense has a fluorescent Oxygen minisensor of approximately 4 mm in diameter built inside (RedEye® Oxygen Patches with the FOXY coating). The sensor has an insignificant thickness which does not affect cell growth and expansion.
  • This sensor allows either continuous or intermittent readings of the DO levels in the cell culture media across unlimited time span, in a non-intrusive manner.A microspectro fluorimeter,  Oxymeter NeoFox®, and a specific friendly and intuitive software ( NeoFox® Phase Measurement System) emits light pulse flashes to the sensor and retrieves fluorescent responses from it. The processor of this system calculates the precise amount of DO through the intensity of the sensor emitted light and the exact temperature of the media. Read scientific foundation of the systemDO is expressed in ppm, mmHg partial pressure, molar concentration and as a percentage value in atmosphere displayed as real time values and graphics.DO amounts and related values used in the calculations (such as temperature and fluorescence emitted per pulse) can be recorded in EXCEL type tables exportable into any type of statistical and graphic software The Petaka G3 DO-Sense
    oxygen-sensitive fluorescent probe makes possible non invasive monitoring of cellular oxygen consumption of the ceell culture, avoiding the necessity of sampling. This external sensor-reading procedure allows rapid and specific detection of cellular oxygen consumption providing a direct sensitive means of assessing the impact of a given experimental condition on cellular metabolism.
  • Areas of application include:
  • Drug discovery, development and testing
  • Screening for cell toxicity compounds
  • Optimization of cell culture conditions


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