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The cell culture device Petaka G3 with orange color port.

PetakaG3™ HOT bioreactor is manufactured from a special co-polymer which has a particularly high diffusion rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the walls of the device.

Average DO  = 3 mg/L (2.8 to 3.2 mg/L depending on cell type), equivalent to 66.5 mmHg in tissues or equivalent to 9.33 %O2 in hypoxia chambers.

Because of its high diffusion coefficients requires to be incubated in 5% CO2 with saturated relative humidity to avoid dehydration.

PetakaG3™ HOT has a gas self regulating system that maintains the level of dissolved oxygen in the cell culture media like in all Petaka G3, but the minimal level that can reach is higher, for a given cell type and cell density. Example: in the same cell culture conditions (cell type, cell density and media type) when Petaka G3 balances the oxygen exchange at 1ppm, Petaka G3 HOT will hold it at 3ppm, maintaining the median level of dissolved oxygen in the highest limit of the physiologic oxygen tension of the tissues, equivalent to 10% concentration of oxygen in the open atmosphere.
PetakaG3™ HOT bioreactor is particularly suited for culturing cells with a high aerobic metabolism, for example primary liver cell cultures, hematopoietic bone marrow cells, well differentiate keratinocytes, hybridomas, Pancreatic islets, etc.  

Cells cultured for a long time in traditional flasks and dishes, exposed to 21% oxygen of open atmosphere, are metabolically adapted to such environment, far from the in vivo reality and behavior.



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