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PETAKA-G3-FLAT-CELARTIASpecial applcations Cell culture devices.-

The PetakaG3™ FLAT bioreactor (For Low ATachmet) has all of the same size and structure characteristics as the PetakaG3™ either LOT or HOT bioreactor, except that the interior surfaces are not treated to promote cell adherence to its walls.This special bioreactor is produced with a flat polymer with a very low surface tension.The dissolved Oxygen control is identical to all Petaka G3, so it maintains a physiologic Oxygen tension adjusted to the cell type needs in vivo.


Suspended cell cultures such as; Blood cell preparation, Leukemia Cells, Hybridomas Cells, Lymphocyte culture and activation for kariotyping.
Special cells necessary for the bio-synthesis of specific products for pharmaceutical applications.
Cultures of cells with self agregation such as spheroids, 3D cultures, pseudo-tissues, etc. 

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