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The cell culture device PetakaG3™ ET™ bioreactor is a PetakaG3™ that includes inside the cell culture chamber a set of free steel doped micro-bars (stirrer bars) that can be moved by magnetic fields.

The Petaka™ ET bioreactor is used in conjunction with either an automatic magnetic random scanner (Cell Flipper) that drags the stir bars across the internal surface of Petaka or with a manual magnetic tablet (Cell lifter) on which the user drags the Petaka to detach the cells.

The turbulences created by the stir bar motion over the cells are strong enough to induce cell enzyme free cell detachment without the need for chemicals. Depending on cell type the automatic scanning is fast for cell harvesting and preserves a high yield of unharmed detached cells that can be directly transferred to new bioreactors without washing.

The manual Cell Lifter is used for detaching fragile cells carefully; the operator controls the speed and the specific areas of the cell monolayer to be detached.

Petaka G3 ET is ideal for enzyme free detachment for any kind of cell line, and extremely well suited for Stem cell cultures, also allows for safe and frequent cell culture samplings during growth, and in vitro evaluation of wound healing.



Harvesting and Seeding Cells with Petaka ET.pdf
Turbo Protocol.pdf
Petaka User's Guide. pdf

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