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 petaka G3 cell culture vessel celartia
Inches:  5.03 x 3.38 x 0.21
mm:      127.8 x 85.7 x 5.45
Maximum media volume:  25 mL
Maximum cell culture surface: 150 cm2
The cell culture device PetakaG3 is an innovative bioreactor designed for mammalian cell culture in physiologic tissue conditions. 
The distinctive feature of PetakaG3 is that being a disposable device incorporates an automatic gas diffusion control system (AGD-CS) that works interactively with the cells growing and living inside, WITHOUT HYPOXIA CHAMBERS, GLOVE BOXES OR THREE-GAS INCUBATORS.
For cells cultured in PetakaG3 and incubated in regular 21% oxygen atmosphere the AGD-CS provides:
1) Media dissolved oxygen concentration within the limits of the physiologic oxygen tensions in physiologic tissues (from 75 mmHg down to 15 mmHg) monitorable with a dissolved oxygen fluorescent sensor dot. Because this advanced trait PetakaG3 is the safest, smallest, unique portable disposable hypoxia chamber, also available with integrated DO sensor.
2) Media dissolved CO2 concentration, enough to maintain a physiologic pH without external extra-supply of carbon dioxide gas.
3) Controlled media evaporation even at 2% to 10% atmospheric Relative Humidity (RH).
PetakaG3 is available in several options for culturing all kinds of cells from vertebrate and invertebrate organisms, especially suited for stem cells, primary cultures and tumor cells. PetakaG3 LOTPetakaG3 HOT with hydrophilic surface developed for anchored dependent cells growth and PetakaG3 FLAT with a hydrophobic surface, not permissive of cell adhesion, for non adherent cells growth and 3D cellular clusters and aggregates. PetakaG3-Matrix is available carrying different surface molecular matrices, such as Collagen, Vitronectin, Matrigel, etc. and also structural matrices (nano-fibers mesh), or combinations of structural and molecular.
4) PetakaG3 allows cell cultures of two different cell types in the same device. Both cell layers are separated by 3mm of media, which is appropriate to study intercellular interactions through diffusible factors and exosome exchange. PetakaG3 is ideal for transfection of both cell layers with two different gene constructs in the same device with negligible cross transfection

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