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petaka G3 accesories cell culture celartiaProgramable Liquid Dispenser with control pedal

Cell culture in Petaka G3, Hand held or wall mounted, the fully programmable electronically controlled Williamson Pump150DP dispenser has been developed for scientific applications where precision and versatility go hand in hand.

Use the 150DP dispenser to transfer a precise volume of media or reagents directly from your media or reagent bottle to Petaka G3. Minimize waste and aspirates back any unused media or reagents. The unit features easy tube changes via a uniquely designed, hinged tube cover. Volumes can be calibrated to match two different tube sizes and the display can be adjusted to show the desired working range in either μ or ml. The simple to master controls allow you to dispense or aspirate any volume with high precision and accuracy. A dispensing protocol can be programmed to repeat up to 99 times with up to 99 second intervals. A single touch of the “Stop” button and any pump operation is immediately terminated.

Sterile vented cap for dosing directly from media bottle  


Liquid Dispensing Tips for cell culture in PetakaG3

PetakaTM sterile stainless steel liquid dispensing tips have blunt tips that are specifically made to use with Petaka TM ports. The blunt tips minimize cutting of the access port, and the lack of a long bevel helps prevent inadvertent injection outside of the port. The Luer-lock hub is plastic, and the tips are not autoclavable.

PetakaTM Stands for vertical cell culture and organizing multiple cultures

PetakaTM silicone stands are simple and safe, and may be gamma radiated or autoclaved. They can be washed with all kinds of detergents and alcohol. These stands house 12 PetakaTM bioreactors each, and can be assembled into a very stable assembly for incubation and storage. They are available in several colors for easy instant cell culture identification.

PetakaTM Mailers for cell culture shipping and protection

These mailers are manufactured from foil, for its insulation properties, to avoid extreme temperature variations and provided with protective surface bubbles for impact resistance. Each mailer has a 2mm thick absorbent card insert designed to instantly draw in and hold the entire contents of the bioreactor in the unlikely event of the device breaking during shipping.

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