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Petaka cell culture device

There are many new cell culture technologies & instruments being introduced global wide which are bringing down barriers to improving research & investigation, but we at Celartia believe that none really strike at the very fundamental principles which are essential to cell & molecular biology, than the Petaka.



There are many sophisticated (& with that we usually presume expensive) instruments on the market enabling researchers to achieve the essential physiological conditions necessary to truly study cell behavior in-vitro as in-vivo. But even these instruments are using untried & untested physiological conditions, replacing oxygen with nitrogen or helium in an attempt to replicate the mammalian or human hosts. In Petaka, a simple albeit innovative cell culture device, enables the cells themselves to auto-regulate the levels of oxygen & CO2 in the media without using any external instrumentation or apparatus.


Oxygen is being regulated, not replaced, by the cells own demands of the oxygen levels required in the media to support them. This may be performed either in a CO2 regulated incubator or even incubated in normal atmospheric oxygen levels.This most natural process is made by simple diffusion as it occurs naturally in our own bodies.


This truly unique privilege enables us to offer the life science world the possibility to preserve cells at ambient room temperature levels for extended periods between a few days to several months (depending on the cell line) without having to freeze or pack the cells in dry ice. An unprecedented innovation avoiding stress to cells both at time of freezing & thawing which in addition offers truly spectacular economies in shipping & logistical costs of in excess of 80%



Physiological relevance is an essential feature for any laboratory looking to work with cells replicating in-vivo such as stem cell research for regenerative applications, work with primary cultures & cancer research & other potentially deadly diseases etc.  The unique shape & design of the Petaka allows researchers to conduct a series of applications or protocols on their cell culture without ever having to remove those cells from the device at all. Culturing, washing, magnetic sorting, magnetotransfection, pelleting or separating, enzyme-free harvesting, shipping & freezing can all be performed within the same device without having to transfer cells to any other tube, vial or instrument. This as a consequence almost totally eliminates the likelihood of contamination & saves a lot of time in avoiding unnecessary protocols.



So broadly in nutshell, this is the philosophy of Celartia  products & technology.  To strive to develop more efficient protocols, to save time & reduce consumption & ultimately facilitate better tools & conditions for researchers to push the boundaries of innovation in order to develop new medical solutions for the sick & suffering.



Celartia’s mission is to provide cell culture laboratories with high technology instruments that augment efficiency, reproducibly and quality, and reduce laboratory equipment expenses and waste.

Celartia improves its customers’ ability to systematically develop cells and their engineered by products for use in solving today’s toughest challenges in medical, pharmaceutical, educational, environmental and defense applications.

Celartia delivers the most effective cell culture devices for differentiated and stem cell culture, cell genome engineering, cellular proteomics analysis and tissue engineering.

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