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cell culture CO2Media based on Earle’s salts are buffered with a bicarbonate/carbonic acid system. These buffers rely upon the physiologically relevant pKa for carbonic acid and the equilibration of gaseous and media dissolved carbon dioxide to maintain the pH in a 5 to 10% CO2 incubator.

Petaka is designed to function without additional CO2 environment. CO2 incubator is therefore not required, avoiding the need for CO2 cartridges. CO2 produced by the cell culture is also controlled. This is achieved by a gas transfer quenching system (GTQS) integrated in the device. As a result the level of CO2 is maintained within the Petaka, allowing the pH to remain at a level compatible with the growth of 16 to 30 million cells.

Therefore, Petaka can be incubated in normal incubators without CO2 regulation, and cells grow in a closed and stable environment up to the limit of their own metabolism. These yields will vary according to each individual cell metabolism. We recommend that a culture test and a period of adaptation are implemented when a cell line is going to be cultured in Petaka.


Advantages of Petaka versus other common devices


Petaka Advantages .pdf

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