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Hypoxia cultures

Petaka offers the researcher complete freedom of sample manipulation even in very low oxygen hypoxic conditions, without breaking the hypoxic environment at any time.

Petaka, when packed in vacuum mylar bags, it does not allow the passage of oxygen from the ambient atmosphere to the culture and the cells consume the media-dissolved oxygen in hours, creating a deep hypoxic condition. Cells can be grown and incubated in these conditions and a sample of the cell culture eventually withdrawn by punching the port directly through the mylar bag, avoiding any exposure to higher oxygen concentrations.


To research cellular behavior under hypoxic or normoxic conditions, laboratories use controlled-environment incubators and glove boxes which offer the possibility of working in below ambient O2 concentration.

Glove boxes offer researchers the ability to incubate or perform sample manipulations without compromising the chamber's gas-controlled environment. However Petaka does not need special incubators or glove boxes.

Advantages of Petaka versus other common devices


Petaka Advantages .pdf

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