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Microgravity cell culture in the space and on earth

petaka microgravity
Microgravity cell culture in the space and on earth. One hundred years ago the hanging drop method was usual in microbiology, and with this method Robert Koch was able for the first time to see under the microscope cultured anthrax bacilli and live Vibrio cholera in Egypt’s contaminated waters. The method is simple: just put a drop of water, containing...
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Petaka G3 uses for hybridoma culture and shipment

A) Culturing Hybridomas 1A.- Seed 1M or 2M Hybridoma Cells in Petaka G3-FL AT(HOT or LOT), depending on cell line oxygen requirement and fill it with the selected hybridoma special media   2A.- After cell injection, mount the Petakas in a “stack” with stands, and live them in the incubator in horizontal position for 12 hours . Face Up  ...
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