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Dr. Barbera and Dr. Forteza regularly contribute topical Biology articles and news associated with cellular physiology, cellular pathology, cell culture, materials, equipment, methodologies and research. You are encouraged to subscribe via the RSS links to support email alerts to your inbox whenever new content is posted here.

Notable Paper – Cell cultures of small intestine mucosa help to understand the innate immune-protection against food infections.

intestinal cells mucosa Celartia s
“Generation of mouse small intestinal epithelial cell lines that allow the analysis of specific innate immune functions”   The intestinal epithelium outlines the interface between the orally ingested microbial and private self interstitial environment. Small intestine epithelial cells play a critical role in the defense against pathogenic microbes through transmembrane pattern recognition receptors capable of identifying microbial ligands (1) (2)...
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The Stem Cell case...To be or not to be.

stem cell celartia
To be or not to be. The stem cell case The stem cell concept was not the result of a simple research project like many discoveries. The concept was built in years as an integrated understanding of multiple no apparently linked results. Around 1880 W. Roux presented data of experiments in which early embryos were spliced in halves which separately failed...
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