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hermetic cell cultureMicrobial contamination is a severe problem in cell culture. Typical routes of microbial infection in cultures are the ambient air, when flasks are transferred from the hood to the incubator, the water bath, and the humid environment of the CO2 incubator which provides ideal growing conditions for many strains of bacteria.

Other routes of cell culture infection include: contact with non-sterile surfaces when performing cell culture manipulations, spillage on materials and the work surface, splash-back from pipetting or pouring cell suspensions and microscopic aerosols.

Petaka is a virtually hermetically closed system. Air access is only possible through a 0.2 micron pore filter. Neither lids nor caps are used to access the liquids. Petaka are injected through a silicon port that seals after the removal of the injection tip.
Sterilizing the injection tips and the silicon port minimizes the chances of contamination. In addition, Petaka has an 80 mm diffusion barrier between the port and the culture chamber. This exponentially decreases the chances of microbial progression through the port slit during long incubations.

Advantages of Petaka versus other common cell culture devices

Petaka Cell Culture Advantages .pdf

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